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How To Completely Eliminate Camera Noise

Learn how to remove photo noise without any loss of quality with exposure stacking.

Photoshop Compositing Tips

Some quick fire tips on what goes into a great Photoshop composition

Building Bandai's 1:2 Scale BB-8

Build log of Bandai's most fun kit to date, the colossal 1:2 scale BB-8!

Three Point Lighting Tutorial Series

Learn how to create beautiful lighting with this videos series

An Introduction to Photoshop Compositing

A high level overview of what goes into a complex Photoshop Compositing project

An Update on Toy Shooter!

It's been some time since I updated the site and the blog. Find out about all the changes to Toy Shooter!

Ghost In The Living Room

I turn my entertainment furniture into a skyscraper

Joker's Reckoning - DC New 52 Batman Shoot

All the details on a lengthy and exhausting shoot ...

Star Wars Vintage Project

See how to apply a retro-feel to some vintage Kenner Star Wars figures, paying homage to the original '92' card backs from the toy line

Creating Forced Perspective in your Photos

A quick explanation of Forced Perspective and how you can set it up in your photos